Story Hedge: The Angel Experiment (pt 6)

There’s nothing like weird specifics to get a podcaster going. Hedgie gets thrown by capitalized nouns. Angel finally starts using her abilities and Iggy and the Gasman deal with some lazer-eyed Erasers. Let Fang live with the hawks. Dislocation doesn’t work like that.


The World of Glitches and Fallout 76

It’s time to beat a dead horse. Hedgie welcomes Toby to talk the wonderful dumpster fire that is Fallout 76. Start off with Tea Time with Toby of slurping nightmares before taking a dive into Toby and Hedgie’s experiences. Toby expresses frustration at his base disappearing. Piper gives her super important opinion. Hedgie’s always looking for adhesive. Anyone have some wonderglue?

this episode contains mature language


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Fanfic Hour with Cam

This super long and special episode welcomes the Chattering Hedgehog’s first guest, Cam of Cam and Ed’s Geek Radio!

Take a plunge back to the early 2000s as Cam and Hedgie talk the great fandom medium of fanfiction and their hordes of shame., Livejournal and ao3, there’s bound to be some great stuff and stuff of legends. Hedgie reveals their first lemon. Cam has a message for BasketWeaver. There’s a lot of citrus.

this episode contains mature themes and explicit content








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for your reading pleasure, Cam has found Love-in-Idleness

A Very ADHD Episode

in this messy episode, ‘Let’s Chat’ about ADHD. Hedgie speaks of their experiences and tries to explain how their brain works, so buckle in for some confusion and bouncing.


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